Legal Considerations for Vacation Rentals in Brainerd, Minnesota

Legal Considerations for Vacation Rentals in Brainerd, Minnesota

Minnesota doesn't quite measure up to the rest of the country when it comes to visits from vacationers, but it has improved since last year. During the first quarter of 2023, the state boasted a 50% occupancy rate, which is pretty good for the off-peak season.

Both local and out-of-state tourists enjoy the many attractions offered in this state, especially the Lakes Area and Paul Bunyan Trail, located near Brainerd.

Are you a real estate investor who is eager to profit from potential short-term rentals in this area? These are the legal considerations for vacation rentals to know if you want to benefit from Minnesota tourism.

Requirements for Brainerd Short-Term Rentals

Minnesota restrictions and regulations vary widely from one city to the next. You should always consult City Hall to ensure you're following the latest ones before advertising your short-term rental property.

In Brainerd, you require an Interim Use Permit if you want to rent your property for less than 28 days at a time. You must also obtain a Short-Term Rental License for each unit from Crow Wing County and renew it every year in January.

You must arrange for a septic compliance inspection to license your property. The rental property must connect to city sewer and water and have a full bathroom for guests' use.

When applying for your permit, you must provide:

  • A floor plan of the structure
  • A to-scale site plan, including property lines
  • Plan for garbage disposal
  • Pet Policy

If you intend to offer stays shorter than seven days, Minnesota regards your vacation rental property as a hotel. In this case, you'll need a Minnesota Department of Health license.

Legal Considerations for Vacation Rentals Management

In Brainers, you must provide contact details for a responsible person, available 24/7/365. This may be you, an authorized agent, or a property management company.

You may not accommodate more than two people per bedroom in a short-term rental unit. Each bedroom must comply with the Minnesota state building code, and guests may not sleep in ADUs, RVs, or tents during their stay.

Each unit must also provide information about local ordinances governing noise, pets, parking, and parks.

Other short-term rental restrictions include:

  • Compliance with Brainerd's rental housing maintenance code
  • Setting up noise barriers if required
  • Limiting vehicle access depending on the available parking
  • Limited occupancy based on the number of beds

Finally, the property owner must provide all neighbors within 100 feet of the property with contact details for their managing agent.

Enjoy the Best Benefits of Rental Income in Brainerd, MN

Hiring a property management company is the best way to ensure you stay on the straight and narrow with short-term rentals in Minnesota. These professionals can advise you about all the necessary legal considerations.

Our team knows all the legal considerations for vacation rentals, so you needn't worry about breaking any laws. We will also take care of all aspects of managing your vacation property to ensure your guests enjoy their stay.

Get in touch for assistance with maximizing your vacation rental property in Brainerd, Minnesota.